Our company has always sold original imported generator set controllers, Our main products include various Generator controllers, Engine controllers,Diesel generator set control module, Gas generator set control module.
ComAp controller, ComAp control module, Single Gen-set Controller, Paralleling Gen-set Controller , Engine Controller , Microgrid Controller , Remote Display , Mains Controller , Mains Protection module,Automatic Transfer Switch ATS controller: IG-CU-C IG-CU InteliLite NT AMF 8 IL-NT AMF8 InteliLite 4 AMF 8 IL4AMF8XBAA InteliLite NT AMF 9 IL-NT AMF9 InteliLite 9 IL3LAMF9BAA InteliLite 4 AMF 9 IL4AMF9XBAA InteliLite NT AMF 20 IL-NT AMF20 InteliLite AMF 20 IL3AMF20BAA InteliLite 4 AMF 20 IL4AMF20BAA InteliLite NT AMF 25 IL-NT AMF25 InteliLite AMF 25 IL3AMF25BAA InteliLite 4 AMF 25 IL4AMF25BAA IL4AMF25BLA InteliLite NT MRS 3 IL-NT MRS3 InteliLite NT MRS 4 IL-NT MRS4 InteliLite NT MRS 10 IL-NT MRS10 InteliLite NT MRS 11 IL-NT MRS11 InteliLite MRS 11 IL3MRS11BAA InteliLite NT MRS 15 IL-NT MRS15 InteliLite NT MRS 16 IL-NT MRS16 InteliLite MRS 16 IL3MRS16BAA InteliLite 4 MRS 16 IL4MRS16BAA IL4MRS16BLA InteliLite NT MRS 19 IL-NT MRS19 InteliNano NT AMF IN-NT AMF InteliNano NT MRS IN-NT MRS InteliNano NT Plus IN-NT PLUS InteliNano NT MRS 3 IN-NT MRS 3 InteliNano AMF 5 IN2AMF5XBAA IN2AMF5XBAANP InteliCompact NT SPTM IC-NT SPTM InteliCompact NT MINT IC-NT MINT MainsCompact NT MC-NT InteliLite Telecom IL-NT TLC InteliLite Telecom DC IL-NT TLC-DC InteliLite LTC 80 IL4LTC80BAA InteliLite LTC 90 IL4LTC90BLA InteliGen NT IG-NT GC, IG-NT LT GC InteliGen NTC IG-NTC GC InteliGen NT BaseBox GeCon InteliGen NT GeCon InteliGen NTC BaseBox GeCon InteliGen NT BaseBox IG-NT-BB InteliGen NTC BaseBox IG-NTC-BB InteliGen NT BaseBox 400Hz IG-NT-BB 400HZ InteliGen 200 IG3200XXBAA InteliGen4 200 IG4200XXBAA IG4200XXBLA InteliGen 500 IG3500XXBAA InteliGen 500 G2 IG4500XXBAA InteliGen 1000 IG31000XBBB IG31000YBBB InteliGen 1000 SC IG31000SCBB InteliGen 1000 Marine IG31000MBBB InteliGen GSC IG2GSCXXBAB InteliGen GSC-C IG2GSCCXBAB InteliMains NTC BaseBox IM-NTC-BB InteliMains NT BaseBox IM-NT-BB InteliMains GSC SW1IM2GSCXX InteliMains 210 IM3210XXBAA InteliMains 210 G2 IM4210XXBAA InteliMains 510 IM4510XXBAA InteliMains 1010 IM31010XBBB InteliMains 1010 SC IM31010SCBB InteliMains 1010 Marine IM31010MBBB InteliSys NT BaseBox GeCon InteliSys NTC BaseBox GeCon InteliSys NT BaseBox IS-NT-BB InteliSys NTC BaseBox IS-NTC-BB InteliSys NTC Hybrid IS-NTC HYBRID Intelisys gas IS2GASXXBAB InteliSys 2000 IS32000XBBB IS32000XBBBNU InteliSys GSC-C IS2GSCCXBAB InteliBifuel 20 IBF-20 InteliBifuel 2 IBF-2 InteliDrive Telecom ID2TELCOAAA InteliDrive IPC ID2IPCXXBAA InteliDrive IPU ID2IPUXXBAA InteliDrive Nano WP ID-NANO-WP InteliDrive WP ID2C1000BEC InteliDrive Lite InteliDrive FLX Lite ID-FLX-LITE InteliDrive Lite EM INTELIDRIVE EM InteliDrive Fire Pump ID-FLX FPC InteliDrive Lite FPC InteliDrive Lite DC ID-FLX-DC InteliDrive CCU ID-CCU InteliDrive DCU Industrial ID2DCUINBAA ID2DCUINBLA ID-DCU InteliDrive DCU Marine ID-DCU Marine InteliDrive Marine ID2C2004BAA InteliLite Telecom IL-NT TL InteliLite Telecom DC IL-NT TLC-DC InteliATS NT PWR IA-NT PWR InteliATS NT STD IA-NT STD INTELIPRO MAINSPRO LITE MAINSPRO MainsPro G99TT MP199TTAAB InteliATS2 50 IA250XXXBAA IA250XXXBAANU InteliATS2 70 IA270XXXBAA IA270XXXBAANU InteliNeo 5500 INEO5500BAA InteliNeo 6000 INEO6000BBB InteliVision 5 IV5 InteliVision 5.2 RD2IV5BXBAA InteliVision 5.2 Marine RD2IV5BMBAA INTELIVISION 5 RD InteliVision 5 CAN InteliVision 5 CAN Backlit INTELIVISION 8 IV8 InteliVision 8 Marine InteliVision 10Touch RD1IV10TBPF InteliVision 12Touch OEM RD112OEMBZH InteliVision 13Touch RD1IV13TBME InteliVision 17Touch IV17T2 InteliVision 18Touch G2 RD2IV18TBPE IL-NT RD IC-NT RD IG-DISPLAY LT GC IS-DISPLAY IS-DISPLAY MARINE IS-RD ID-Display D13-V ID-Display 2600
ComAp Extended module, Communications module, I/O input/output module,intelligent charging module: Inteli IO8/8 I-IO8/8 Inteli AIN8 I-AIN8 Inteli AIN8TC I-AIN8TC Inteli AIO9/1 I-AIO9/1 AIO9/1 I-AOUT8 IC-NT-CT-BIO7 ID-RPU ID-SCM ID-SCM1 IG-IOM IGL-RA15 IG-PCLSM IG-PCLSM/MAR IG-PCM IGS-PTM IL-NT-AIO IL-NT-AOUT8 IL-NT-BIO8 IL-NT-IO1 IM-PCLSM IS-AIN8 IS-AIN8TC IS-BIN16/8 NT-CONVERTER InternetBridge-NT IB-NT IB-Lite ID-MOBILE GPS I-CR I-CR-R ID-COM IG-COM IG-COM/MAR I-LB+ IL-NT-GPRS IL-NT-RS232 IL-NT-232-485 IL-NT-S-USB ID-MOBILE GPRS GNOME Modbus-SNMP Converter I-CB/CAT DIESEL I-CB/CAT GAS I-CB/DEUTZTEM I-CB/Modbus I-CB/MTU I-RD-CAN-ID-DCU-MARINE IG-AVRI IG-AVRi/Marine IG-AVRI/MAR IG-AVRi-TRANS/100 IG-AVRI-TR10 IG-AVRI-TRANS/LV IG-AVRi-TRANS/Marine IG-AVRI-TR/M IG-MTU IG-MTU Marine IG-MTU/MAR IG-MTU-2-1 IG-MTU-C I-LBA I-RB8 I-RB16 IGS-NT-GeCon-LSM+PMS IGS-NT-GeCon-PCM IGS-NT-LSM+PMS IS-PCLSM Dongle IS-PCLSM IS-PCLSM-PMS Dongle IS-PCLSM-PMS IS-PCM Dongle IS-PCM InteliDrive Mobile ID-MOBILE InteliDrive Mobile Logger ID-MOBILE LOGGER InteliBifuel MOBILE IB2SMXDXCBDK InteliBifuel IB2SGXDCBDK Intelivision 12touch RD1IV12TBZH IV12T EM-BIO8-EFCP EM2BIO8EXBX Inteli RPU EM1RPUXXBZB CM-RS232-485 CM223248XBX CM2-4G-GPS CM24GGPSXBX CM3-Ethernet CM3ETHERXBX CM-GPRS CM-Ethernet CM2ETHERXBX Internet/Ethernet CM-4G-GPS DT-KIT H-System MultiKit HS-MULTIKIT InteliGenNT Colour MultiKit IG-NTC-MULTIKIT InteliDrive RD-Marine IG-NT/IS-NT On-line StarterKit InteliGenNT Colour StarterKit IG-NTC-IV5-SK GASKET 4X405 IL-NT-LT kit InteliVision 5 IP65 Connector InteliVision 5 Harness-2 ECON-4 IB2SL2DCBDK InteliBifuel LITE Gas Train IBF-GT25 IBF-GT40 IBF-GT50 IBF-GT50A IBF-GT65 IBF-GT80 IS-AFC-LSM+PMS DG1IALPMXXX IGS-LOG Dongle USB IGS-LOG DONGLE-USB IS-AFC-PCM DG1IAPCMXXX InteliPro SYNC IS-NT Marine Stickers IG-NT Marine Stickers I-Step IL-NT FCM CM2GW101BAB CM14GGPSXBX InternetBridge-NT 4G CM2IB4GABFB CM2IB4GEBFB InteliGen 500 Microgrid SKMICROGR01 InteliDrive DCU Industrial obsolette ID-DCU-LT IGS-LOG-WINSCOPE DONGLE InteliMains 210 BTB IM3210XXBAA + OT3FIM2BBXX Inter-controller CAN convertor SW1ICCCXXXX InteliCharger 480 24 20A BC224V20BOB InteliCharger 65 24-A ICHG-65-24-A ICHG-120 12-24 ICHG-240 24 ICHG-120 12 ICHG-60-24-AF ICHG-60-24-A ICHG-60-12-AF ICHG-500 ICHG-60-12-A InteliCharger 120 12-24 ICHG-120 12-24 InteliCharger 240 24 BC124V10BNB InteliGateway 100 CM2GW100BAB InteliGateway 300 CM2GW300BAB InteliGateway 101 CM2GW101BAB InteliGateway 301 CM2GW301BAB
Deep Sea Electronics PLC controller,DSE controller,DSE control module,Advanced Paralleling Gen-Set Controller,Load Sharing & Synchronising Control Module,Manual & Auto Start Control Module,Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module,Digital Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR), Remote Communications Display,Lighting Tower Control Module,Systems for Vehicles and Off-Highway Control Module,Machinery Engine & Pump Control Module,Intelligent Battery Chargers and Power Supplies,Dedicated Auto Transfer Switch Control Module: DSE501K DSE701 DSE702 DSE704 DSE402MKII DSE701MKII DSE521 DSE545 DSE548 DSE549 DSE557 DSE860 DSE865 DSE3110 DSE3210 DSE4110 DSE4120 DSE4210 DSE4220 DSE4310 DSE4320 DSE4410 DSE4420 DSE5110 DSE5120 DSE5210 DSE5220 DSE5310 DSE5320 DSE5510 DSE5520 DSE5560 DSE4510 DSE4510 MKII DSE4520 DSE4520 MKII DSE4610 DSE4620 DSE6010 DSE6010 MKII DSE6020 DSE6020 MKII DSE6110 DSE6110 MKII DSE6110 MKIII DSE6120 DSE6120 MKII DSE6120 MKIII DSE7110 DSE7110 MKII DSE7120 DSE7120 MKII DSE7310 DSE7310 MKII DSE7210 DSE7220 DSE7320 DSE7320 MKII DSE7410 DSE7410 MKII DSE7420 DSE7420 MKII DSE7510 DSE7520 DSE7560 DSE7570 DSE8610 DSE8610 MKII DSE8620 DSE8620 MKII DSE8660 DSE8660 MKII DSE8680 DSE8721 DSE8810 DSE8860 DSEG0123 DSEG8015 DSEG8021 DSEG8600 DSEG8660 DSEG8680 DSEG8900 DSE SCADA DSE020-1044 DSE327 DSE330 DSE331 DSE332 DSE333 DSE334 DSE335 DSE335 MKII DSEM040 DSEM835 DSEM840 DSEM640 DSEM643 DSEM870 DSEM812 DSE9130 DSE9150 DSE9155 DSE9255 DSE9450 DSE9460 DSE9461 DSE9462 DSE9470 MKII DSE9472 MKII DSE9473 DSE9474 DSE9476 DSE9480 MKII DSE9481 MKII DSE9483 DSE9484 DSE9701 DSE9702 DSE103 DSE103 MKII DSE123 DSE124 DSE125 DSE160 DSE890 DSE890 MKII DSE891 DSE892 DSE2130 DSE2131 DSE2133 DSE2152 DSE2157 DSE2158 DSE2510 DSE2520 DSE2541 DSE2548 DSE813 DSE814 DSE815 DSE855 DSE857 DSEE050 BC2415i BC2410Ei BC1205 BC2405 DSEE100 DSEE400 DSEL400 DSEE800 DSEL401 DSEL401 MKII DSEP100 DSEP120 DSEP124 DSEP915 DSEP961 DSEP962 DSEP808 DSEP810 DSEA106 DSEA106 MKII DSEA108 DSEA109 DSE8003 DSE8003 MKII DSE8004 DSE8005 DSE2160 DSE2170
BERNINI controller:BE23 BE24 BE20 BE2K BE72 BE2K-PLUS BE46 BE-ONE
Automatic Voltage Regulators AVR:AS440 SX440 SX460 MX321 MX341 R120 R150 R180 R230 R250 R450M R438 R448 R449 SE350 DECS-100-B15 DECS-100-A15 DVR2000E
ESD5221 ESD5111 ESD5330 ESD5500E ESD5550 ADB225 ADC225 ADC100 LSI101 SYC6714 LSM672N LSM201 EAM100 EAM101 EAM105 EAM110 EAM111 EAM122 ACD110A
The product is suitable for use in Perkins SDMO VOLVO JOHN DEERE FGWILSON cummins CAT KOHLER mitsubishi STEYR DOOSAN DAEWOO DEUTZ MTU wait for the generator set. You are welcome to contact us at anytime and will definitely recieve our warm and sincere services.
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