Deep Sea Electronics PLC The DSE7320 is an Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module suitable for a wide variety of single, diesel or gas, gen-set applications.
Monitoring an extensive number of engine parameters, the module will display warnings, shutdown and engine status information on the back-lit LCD screen, illuminated LEDs, remote PC and via SMS text alerts (with external modem).
The DSE7320 will monitor the mains (utility) supply and includes USB, RS232 and RS485 ports as well as dedicated DSENet terminals for system expansion.
4-Line back-lit LCD text display
Five key menu navigation
Front panel editing with PIN protection
LED and LCD alarm indication
Customisable status screens
Power save mode
Support for up to three remote display units
9 configurable inputs
8 configurable outputs
Flexible sender inputs
Configurable timers and alarms
3 configurable maintenance alarms
Multiple date and time scheduler
Configurable event log (250)
Control logic facilities
Easy access diagnostic page
CAN and Magnetic Pick-up/Alt. sensing
Fuel usage monitor and low fuel alarms
Charge alternator failure alarm
Manual speed control (on compatible CAN engines)
Manual fuel pump control

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