The Bernini Be46 includes all functions needed to control.and monitor a generating set. Its programming runs quickly, and all parameters, alarms and operating functions are indicated by means of messages and symbols.The Be 46 includes interface with an Oil and Temperature gauge, Fuel sender, and a magnetic Pick- up or 'W'. It provides 'AUTO','MAN', and 'OFF' operating modes. Measurements include Vac,Aac,Vdc, kVA, kVar, kW, Pf, Hz,Vdc, hour count, R.p.m.,Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature and Fuel Level. A windows XP compatible remote monitoring and control software program is provided.Key features:
44 Programmable parameters and settings
18 alarm messages, 12 operating messages
8 outputs, 8 switch inputs, 7 analog inputs
Solid state, short circuit proof
Up to 1000Vac / 9000Aac true R.M.S.
Indicates Aac,Vac,RPM,Hz,Vdc, h
Indicates Bar,% Fuel,Kw,kVA,Pf
Interfaces Pick-up or W, RS232, RS485
4 digit Display, 12 LEDs, 8 push-buttons
Manual and Automatic operating modes
Programable Automatic Periodic TEST
Interfaces A.T.S.and A.M.F. modules
DIN 98, temperature range -25/+70
6Vdc up to 36Vdc supply, IP55

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