Bernini Be20 This module monitors a diesel engine and includes a 30A Key-switch for manual start.Automatic fault protections include:Low oil pressure,High Temperature,Emergency and Belt break.The Be20B provides the following outputs:Start, Stop,Preheat,Alarm and Fuel solenoid.The Be20B provides outputs to arrange automatic starting.
DIN 96x96x50,temperature range -30/+70°„C
7 outputs,5 switch inputs,1 analog input
Pre-Glow setting,7Vdc up to 33Vdc supply
8 LEDs,2 push-buttons,30A Key-Switch
Manualand Automatic operating modes
4 starting attempts:4 secs(Crank),3secs(RestTime)
Fuel warning with 5 minutes delay shutdown
Blinking and steady LEDs,Alarm-Memory
15 Fast-on connection terminals 6,3x0,8