The BERNINI Be2K-PLUS integrates a 3-phase Automatic Mains Failure,an Automatic Transfer Switch controller and a Generating Set Controller. Its programming runs quickly,and all parameters and operating functions are indicated by high-performance 128X64 graphic OLED display.
The Be2K-PLUS interfaces with 5 sensors (or 4/20mA, 0/10V transmitters),a magnetic Pick-up or 'W' (if provided on the charger alternator). Measurements include Vac, Aac,Vdc, kVA, kVar, kW, Energy, Pf,Hz,hour count,R.p.m.,Oil Pressure,Engine & Auxilary Temperatures and Fuel Level.A Windows XP compatible remote monitoring and control software program is provided.
The Be2K-PLUS is SAE-J1939 compatible,features RS485, RS232 and complies with NFPA-110
and NFPA-99 specifications.
200 Events Log History tagged by a Real time clock
Monitoring of Vdc inputs for Telecom & Renewable Energy Applications
RS485, CAN-BUS J1939 , RS232, TCP-IP protocol, interfaces with Modem

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