COMAP Controller InteliCompact NT(IC-NT MINT Add IC-NT SPtM)2 language support including graphical characters (12 x 12, e.g. Chinese)
InteliCompact NT SPtM
For single gen-sets with paralleling to mains,Island operation.Parallel to mains operation with baseload power control.GCB and MCB control including synchronizing.Mains protections (V, Hz, vector shift).Mains failure autostart.No-break transfers.Test mode with scheduler.Maintenance timer
InteliCompac NT MINT
For gen-sets operating in groups.Island or parallel operation.Digital load and VAr sharing
GCB control including synchronizing.Load dependent autostarts (power management) based on relative load. No master unit required..Maintenance timer.Mains controller available soon (MainsCompact NT).True RMS.kW, kVA, kVAr total + per phase.3 phase generator voltage, current 3 phase mains/busbar voltage.generator frequency.mains/busbar frequency.pickupcharging alternator excitation circuit.