ComAp InteliDrive-DCU-Marine(ID-DCU-Marine) Control module
Modular Certified Engine Controller for Marine Applications
Control, monitoring and protection for marine engines
Support of engines with EFI (ECU) - CAN/J1939 or Cummins Modbus
For Emergency, Auxiliary, Harbor and Propulsion engines
Redundant architecture: Main unit + Backup module
Backup ID-RPU module with hardwired protections
Connection to engine via primary J1939 and backup J1587 buses
Symmetrical load sharing for propulsion engines with J1939 (via CAN bus)
Event driven History record
Speed/load control via J1939 or J1587 buses
14 binary inputs, 14 binary outputs, 8 analog inputs
Over 100 binary inputs and outputs is available via additional modules
Remote monitoring via Modbus, Ethernet and TCP/IP protocols
Configurable PLC functions
Configurable Modbus and Modbus TCP support for easy integration into the ship°Įs control system
Load sharing for propulsion engines
Integrated clutch control
Switching between primary and secondary battery
Slave panels for remote control
RS232, Modem, Modbus, Internet communication 
WebSupervisor support from version InteliDrive DCU Marine-W 2.2