COMAP IG-EE controller

New Technology InteliGen EE is a controller for both single and multiple gen-sets operating in standby or parallel modes, where an Engine with ECU is used. Compact construction is optimized for these purposes, variousHW modifications allow the customer to select the optimum type for a particular application.
Built-in synchronizer and digital isochronous load sharer allow total integrated solution for gen-sets in standby, island parallel or mains parallel. Native cooperation of up to 32 gen-setsis a standard feature.
InteliGenNT EE supports many standard ECU types and is especially designed to easily integrate new ones.Powerful graphic display with user- friendly control allows even new users to find quickly the required information. ComAp is open to various customized firmware solutions.

HW optimized for cooperation with an
ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
Excellent configurability allows matching exactly the customer°Įs needs
Complete integrated gen-set solution
and signal sharing via CAN bus
minimum external components needed
Many communication options ®C easy
remote supervising and servicing
Perfect price / performance ratio
Gen-set performance log for easy problem tracing