ComAp InteliLite NT AMF(IL-NT AMF) Control Module
InteliLite~ AMF models are integrated
controllers for gen-sets operating
in single standby mode. It meets
all possible requirements for AMF
applications. including modem control.
user configuration and full gen-set
monitoring and protection.
Support ofengines equipped with Electronic
Control Unit-J1939 interface (IL-AMF25 0nly)
Automatic or manual start/s top of the gen-set
Push buttons for simple control. lamp test
Paramete rs adjustable via keyboard or PC
Mains measurements (50/60 Hz): U1-U3. Hz
Generator measurements (50/60 Hz): U1-U3.
11-13. Hz. kW. kVAr. kWh
Configura ble programma ble inputs and

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