The SYC6714 is an accessory module that adjusts an electronic governor to obtain an equal AC phase relationship between the oncoming generator and the main bus.A SYNC CHECK function is provided to activate an internal relay whoí»s contacts can be used to connect the generator to the main bus. The typical time for synchronization is usually less than 3 seconds when the generator set is at rated speed with optimum governorí»s performance settings.
The SYC6714 was designed with the same rugged construction as a GAC electronic speed control unit and can be mounted in the cabinet with other equipment.Limit exposure of the unit to extreme temperatures.Mount the SYC6714 vertically if exposed to moisture or wetness to prevent accumulation inside the unit.
Typical electrical connections are illustrated in Wiring Diagram 1.Connecting cables carry low currents so therefore special size wire is not required.The connection between the speed control unit and Terminal 6 on the SYC6714 is sensitive and must be shielded over its entire length.