Deep Sea Electronics PLC The Model 501K-1 is a Manual Engine Control Module, which has been designed to manually control the engine via a key switch on t front panel.The module is used to start and stop the engine, indicating fault conditions; automatically shutting down the engine and indicating the engine failure by LED giving true first up fault annunciation. Operation of the module is via a three position key switch mounted on the front panel with STOP(O), RUN(I) and START(II)positions.In the°ģO°Įposition the DC supply is removed from the module and the run relay and alarm output are de-energised.If the switch is turned to the°ģI°Įposition the module is powered up and the run relay is energised, activating the engine fuel/ignition system and the protection hold-off timer is initiated.If the switch is moved to the°ģII position and held against the spring return, a positive supply is applied to the relevant output terminal and on to the starter motor.Once the engine has started the switch should be released and allowed to return to the°ģI°Įposition. Operation of any of the following alarms; Low Oil Pressure, High Engine Temperature, Auxiliary Shutdown, Overspeed (Optional), will cause the run relay to de-energise.This will remove the fuel/ignition supply from the engine and bring it to rest.The alarm output will be activated giving a positive DC output. Each alarm channel has it°Įs own LED indicator and once activated no further alarm conditions will be accepted.?The alarm output and relevant LED will remain active until the unit is reset by turning the switch to the°ģO position.Dimensions: 72 X 72 X 118.5 (Excluding Key-switch)